Foul Weather Friend!

“And – Blessed Relief! – we didn’t play one

damn record for the last five days!”

“The few local community radio stations still abroad in the land (Westchester’s WVOX most prominent among them) did an heroic job with Sandy.

Thank God there are still a lot of transistor radios even in this high tech, cyber world.  When WVOX and WVIP got knocked off the air last Monday … we got them back up about six hours later with scotch tape and bailing wire (and three generators).  My guys camped out on blow up beds and ate too much cold pizza as we opened up our phone lines all week long and through the frigid nights to let listeners in Westchester and the Bronx vent their frustration and anger as they listened to excuses from their elected officials.

So Radio was still very much in the game with Sandy (and it still is as thousands without power freeze their asses off and face long gas lines even now on this Monday morning in the Golden Apple).

I got a flash of  Déjà Vu:  the last time we sat in front of our microphones for so many difficult and challenging days was when we opened them up for “VOX POPULI” … in the terrible aftermath of September 11th …”