The Ideal Community Broadcaster is …

Young people who aspire to a career in Radio – especially those in college – often ask for advice and counsel on just how to break in to our profession.

Here is what I tell them.


The Ideal Community Broadcaster is …

•      A Facilitator

•      An Interlocutor

•      A Master of Ceremonies

•      A Quarterback who hands off to other people and elements of information

•      A Traffic Cop

•      An Emcee (introduce & get off)

•      A Disseminator

•      A Provider of Information

•      A Good Listener (no pun intended)

# # #

In a perfect world the ideal broadcaster does not resemble an entertainer, a performer or a talk show host.  Rather they use their talent and genius to encourage discussion, feedback and participation.  In   other  words  they  provide   a forum,  a  platform  for  VOX POPULI, the Voice of the People.