Statement re: Bill “The Amazin” Mazer

A Statement by William O’Shaughnessy

President, Whitney Media

October 23, 2013

“It was a privilege to amplify Bill Mazer’s brilliant voice on WVOX for the last eight years of his long, “amazin” (no pun intended!) professional broadcasting career.

Bill was knowledgeable about damn near everything. He could talk with eloquence and erudition on many subjects… from Joe DiMaggio and Henry Aaron to Frank Sinatra, Toots Shor and our late Westchester neighbor of sainted memory, Robert Merrill.

I first discovered Mazer’s genius when I listened to him in high school in Buffalo, New York. He had a way with words which was unequaled in our tribe and a voice of great resonance and timbre. And the State of Israel had no greater champion on the radio than Bill Mazer.”


Cindy Gallagher
Whitney Media
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