More on Election 2013 …

More on Election 2013 …
A Whitney Media Editorial of the Air
by William O’Shaughnessy
broadcast October 30, 2013

The race for County Executive is not the only game in town this Election season … tawdry, off-kilter and bewildering though it is.

Indeed there are several other important choices which will confront our listeners on Election Day.

The first matter at hand when you are firmly and securely ensconced in the intimacy of the election booth will be to choose from among ten who aspire to only five seats on the Supreme Court of the State of New York.  WVOX and WVIP recommend to your favorable consideration the following three candidates:  First, and by far, the most sensible choice will be Mr. Justice Daniel Angiolillo, who presently sits as a Supreme Court Justice on the important Appellate Division in Brooklyn.  Judge Angiolillo is a wonderful man of great probity and patience.  He is eminently qualified and deserving of re-election.

Two other judicial candidates who we pray will earn your favor are Judge John Colangelo who served ably and with great distinction here in the City Court of New Rochelle.  Also Mr. Justice John Sweeny.  Judge Sweeny is well known in the northern counties.  He’s based in Putnam County and we hear only very good things about His Honor.  He also sits on an Appellate court.

Judge Angiolillo and Judge Sweeny are Republicans.  Judge Colangelo is a Democrat.  We hope you will bless the candidacy of these three outstanding jurists. 

Why is this important, you wonder?  “The true administration of Justice is the firmest pillar of good government.” That’s the memorable phrase etched forever on the facade of the great Courthouse in Foley Square in lower Manhattan.  It should be etched in our memory as we carefully consider our judicial selections.   That’s why it’s important.  And that’s why these candidates are important:  Angiolillo … Colangelo … and Sweeny.                         

Another candidate we would recommend for your favorable consideration is Tim Idoni who presently serves as County Clerk.  He’s a Democrat.  And a great public servant who served as mayor of New Rochelle and has completely revised and reinvigorated the unglamorous, but important, Office of County Clerk.  Tim Idoni has impressed damn near everyone with his management style and dedication.  Include us among his many admirers. 

Finally, there are three very superior, very worthy candidates for the County Board of Legislators who deserve more than a brief shout-out.  Jim Maisano, the dynamic, indefatigable Minority Leader is everywhere apparent in our district.  He’s been a very skillful consensus builder and a shrewd strategist and parliamentarian who merits your enthusiastic support. 

And, incidentally, we share Leader Maisano’s confidence in his colleague Legislator Sheila Marcotte who serves Eastchester and the north end of New Rochelle diligently and well. 

And we can’t but very confidently endorse and urge the election of John Verni to the County Board.  Verni is the scion of a great Westchester family.  He has admirers in both major political parties for his business acumen, his leadership at Iona Prep and his selfless volunteer efforts for countless organizations.  Plus he’s one smart lawyer – (but don’t hold that against him!).  John Verni, we can absolutely assure our listeners, will be a stand-out from the get-go on the County Board.  He’s a solid, balanced individual.  And we can all be glad a fellow like Mr. Verni will not be deterred by the rigors of politics and will actually take the time to enter the arena of public service.

And one more.  There’s a very dynamic – and highly intelligent – woman running for Town Justice up in Cortland.  We’ve long admired attorney Shari Gordon for her work within the legal Establishment and on college campuses.  Shari Gordon has become a role model for women who aspire to a judicial career.  She’s bright and smart.   And you can do your friends up-county a favor by telling them of her attributes.  Shari Gordon is a Democrat.  She’ll make a fine judge.



Cindy Gallagher
Whitney Media