WO Statement re: Hon. Ernie Davis Sentencing

“I know that – in the heat of the moment – he may have called our colleagues in the public press ‘gangsters’ …

But I remain convinced that Ernie Davis is a good, kind and decent man and that rare political figure who really cares about people.

Although the year of Probation will be a burden on this 76-year old man … it’s nothing at all compared to locking him up for the omissions and mistakes to which he pled. 

Judge Davison has rendered his decision with great wisdom and compassion.  And Mayor Davis’ friends and admirers – and I am among them – thank His Honor for his empathy and understanding in a very difficult case concerning, as the Judge found, ‘a first offender on two misdemeanor counts.’

Having observed Westchester and New York State public officials for over 50 years – I remain convinced that Ernie Davis is possessed of a great and good heart and a deep and abiding love for the people of his beloved Mount Vernon.

As I previously indicated to Judge Davison:  ‘I’ve constantly observed, with great sadness, that men and women of real quality will not submit to the rigors of public service. But there are exceptions like Ernie Davis’.”         



William O’Shaughnessy

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