Cindy Hall Gallagher Wins “Women of Excellence” Award



William O’Shaughnessy

“Women of Excellence”




New Rochelle Chamber of Commerce
Beckwith Pointe Club
New Rochelle, N.Y.
September 29, 2016


Congratulations to all the honorees tonight … all the extraordinary individuals you’ve designated as “Women of Excellence.”

Professor Jeanne Zaino of Iona College.

Tara Rosenblum and her shy, modest, retiring coach, mentor … and husband (I forget his name) Joe Apicella!

Catherine Francese for her wonderful work with children.

These proceedings are greatly enhanced by the presence of Father Martin Biglin.

The word “beloved” is overused but not for this marvelous priest and shepherd.

Thanks also to Bob Marrone, our host … and Chamber president Frank Miceli.  You and the elders will confirm Cindy’s greatness!

Incidentally I don’t know how to tell you this, Bob Marrone. But you’re in big trouble – very big trouble – with Cindy for this however gracious gesture. 

Bob cobbled together this impressive list of honorees … while Cindy was on vacation!  Or we would have never talked her into it!

Many of us make our living with words.  In my case they usually occur awkwardly, imprecisely … and inartfully.

How then do I find the proper ones to describe this honoree.

I’ve known her for only more than 40 years.

Speaking of which I want tonight to publicly thank Kevin Gallagher for sharing Cindy with me and mine for all these many years.

I should also thank Kevin Jr., Joseph and Alicia for sharing their spectacular Mother at all hours.

And as we honor Cindy we also send our wishes to Stella Vinci Hall for a full and complete and speedy recovery!

Cindy calls to mind the word “Amanuensis.”

It’s an elegant word from the Latin: “one who assists in literary or artistic endeavor.”

But an amanuensis does a lot more than run an office and type and take dictation and answer the phone.

And speaking of answering the phone … all my friends are keenly disappointed when I pick up the damn phone … governors included! … because they really wanted to talk to Cindy!

So … “Amanuensis.”  A great word!  It’s what she is.  And a lot more.

I recall that’s what the late Nelson Rockefeller called a woman named Ann Whitman …

She really was quite a woman with Cindy’s qualities who ran the White House for President Dwight Eisenhower!  In those days the Office of the President was Mrs. Whitman and four typists.  Today it’s 1200 guys!

Like I said, an amazing a woman. I knew Mrs. Whitman, of sainted memory.

And I also knew every one of the 3 women who ran Mario Cuomo’s staff over the years.

I mention all this … only because not one of these famous women could hold a candle to our Cindy Hall Gallagher!

She runs two radio stations!

She assembles and publishes books!  Six of them so far!

She runs the Guardian Fund of the Broadcasters Foundation of America!

She runs the New York State Broadcasters Association!

She runs my house, my kids, my family, my divorces! And like I said in my perhaps too candid ad in tonight’s journal: “My life would resemble a 7-car pile-up without … Cindy Hall Gallagher!”

One final thought, ladies and gentlemen.  I’m grateful for her loyalty, her love, her dedication, her strength, her … goodness!

Father Biglin described her: patient, kind, understanding.  Perfect, Father!

All these qualities of Cindy … proceed … they all occur because of her feeling and absolute sureness and conviction that our work at the station, our Mission, what we do everyday … really benefits so many people all over N.Y. State in so many ways…

We don’t just provides information or robust discussion or entertainment or the weather and traffic or a unique opportunity for expression. That goes with the territory. But it’s the work Cindy does OFF the air that commends her to all of us.

Getting people out of trouble, getting kids into college … listening to people, encouraging them, taking time with them … and just keeping us all going each day as community broadcasters at The People’s Business.

And, as her family and her staff will confirm she does it 24/7 … year in and year out!

So if WVOX is indeed a local station with a national reputation … Cindy gets most of the credit.  All of the credit!

Ladies and gentlemen I bless the day I met … your Woman of Excellence. 

Cindy Hall Gallagher, our “Amanuesis!”

Our indispensable Everything!

And, one more thing … I love her.



Cindy Hall Gallagher


“Woman of Excellence” Award

New Rochelle Chamber of Commerce

Beckwith Pointe Club
New Rochelle, N.Y
September 29, 2016

Thank you Bill … and thank you to Bob Marrone.  Congratulations to my fellow honorees as well.

I want to begin by thanking Bill O’Shaughnessy.  I was given the opportunity as a teenager to meet countless politicians – governors, senators, business and religious leaders – who come in and out of the radio stations, each one leaving their mark and teaching me something.

Bill has shown me, and everyone who has worked with us, perseverance.  We call him the “energizer bunny.”  He doesn’t ever let up or settle.  He has managed to keep our little radio stations vital, and has kept New Rochelle’s community radio stations front and center for almost 60 years. 

He was way ahead of his time – before IBM or other companies allowed women to bring their children to the office, he encouraged it. (He was often the baby-sitter!)  We’ve had playpens and strollers all over the offices.  Thank you for taking a chance on me and showing me the ropes.

I also want to thank my father.  The day after I graduated from Katherine Gibbs, my father heard a commercial on WVOX.  He told me the station was advertising for office help.  I, of course, wanted to go to Jones Beach instead!  But he told me, “You’re calling Mr. O’Shaughnessy right now”… I went for the interview, and started the next day.  I’ve been going every morning since, for the last 39 years. 

It was my father, a small New Rochelle business owner himself, who taught me and my siblings the meaning of a work ethic.

There is someone else I need to thank – someone who, my brother and sisters will agree, has instilled in us the true meaning of this Award.  My Mom taught us professionalism.  While raising five kids and helping my Dad run the business, she taught us to go to work and to shine.  Maybe not necessarily in an office, but to shine in everyday life.  She always did it with a smile on her face, never asking for help, rather, asking, what else can she do?  This Award is for you Mommy.

Finally, I want to thank my husband, Kevin, and our three kids, Kevin Jr., Joseph, and Alicia, for coming with your own “Mommy” before ‘Bring Your Kids to Work Day’ was popular.  They said, “We’ve been doing that for years.”

So thank you all, I’m truly honored.  This means the world to this little New Rochelle girl.

Now please enjoy our mid-day engineer, Jerryl, serving as tonight’s deejay!