Updated: 84 Reasons – Why Clinton Lost, Why Trump Won


    • Debbie Wasserman Schultz
    • Barack Obama’s much too hip “street-rap” campaign rhetoric
    • Barbara Boxer
    • Anthony Weiner
    • Elizabeth Warren!
    • One-sided punditry from
      the Commentariat and Media
    • Rachel Maddow
    • Joe Biden didn’t run
    • Chuck Schumer
    • Rahm Emanuel
    • Valerie Jarrett
    • Planned Parenthood
    • Eric Holder
    • Melania Trump
    • Federal Bureau of Investigation doing its job
    • FOX News
    • Abortion!
    • Middle East Policy (or lack thereof)
    • Obamacare!
    • An over-reaching Federal government
    • The New York Times
    • Brexit
    • Urban chaos and rioting
    • Bill Clinton, Inc.
    • The Clinton Foundation
    • Mark Simone
    • Open borders
    • David Corn of Mother Jones
      and MSNBC
    • Sidney Blumenthal
    • Know-it-all Pollsters and Pundits
    • Harry Reid
    • Joe Conason
    • & Mrs. Khan
    • Nancy Pelosi
    • Reasons for a private e-mail server
    • Y. State Senator Jeff Klein
    • The Clinton lifestyle, surrounded by Secret Service (for life!)
    • The VA
    • Too many on the public tit!
    • Donna Brazile
    • Government waste and fraud
    • Jared Kushner
    • Bureaucrats: Local, State and Federal
    • A weak and uncertain Foreign Policy!
    • Joe Scarborough
    • The Supreme Court … going forward
    • Wobbly support of Israel
    • The New York Post
    • Steve Bannon
    • Disrespect of Netanyahu
    • Martha’s Vineyard vacations
    • Lack of support for Law Enforcement.
    • Huma Abedin
    • ISIS!
    • Common Core!
    • Kellyanne Conway
    • The political and
      cultural Establishment
    • Deteriorating downtowns
    • An impressive Mike Pence!
    • Anti-Catholic mindset
    • The thought of Bill Clinton careening around the  White  House  again
    • The one-sided and vitriolic coverage by the Daily News and many other papers
    • A deteriorating infrastructure!
    • Al Sharpton
    • Political “Correctness”
    • Ivanka Trump
    • The arrogance of the
      Elite and the “educated”
    • Deep concern over Nino
      Scalia’s successor(s)
    • The plight of the Poor
    • Incarceration rates for
      African-American males
    • Terry McAuliffe
    • The “Basket of Deplorables”
    • Chelsea’s salary and
      $10-million apartment
    • The Clinton Foundation’s
      foreign entanglements
    • Every cop, fireman, tradesman, electrician, plumber, butcher, truck driver, landscaper, greengrocer, fishmonger, heavy-equipment operator, subway conductor, baker, sausage maker, school crossing guard, garage mechanic, bartender, taxi driver
    • Hillary and Bill’s speaking fees!
    • Donny Deutch
    • Frank Bruni, a wonderful writer, who ran out of ways to tell us how evil Trump is
    • Hillary Rodham Clinton herself
    • Benghazi
    • Mario Cuomo who wasn’t around to instruct, to inspire, to enlighten
    • The genius and political smarts of one Donald J. Trump, President-Elect!
    • The guy was very “real






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