“VOX POPULI” – Comments from “The Deplorables” 


Comments from “The Deplorables 

Compiled by William O’Shaughnessy

Early morning notes and jottings taken in a coffee shop up in the country (Connecticut) over a three-month period in the summer and early fall of 2017.  There was actually very little criticism of the President to be heard … except from occasional disgruntled folks who predictably called him “crazy, Hitler-like” etc. But these direct comments reflect the vast body of sentiment and approval that exists among ordinary citizens for the President. Everybody knows I’m a fan … but even I was surprised!  Again, I ask the Question: Is it possible they know something we don’t … ?


  • “The Dems pick on everything he does … They just hate the guy.  I think it’s jealousy.”
  • “Sometimes his mouth gets him in trouble.  But I think he’s of good heart and trying to do the right thing.  He’s trying, damn it!”
  • “Ya know, I think I understand what they mean about that ‘Deep State’ stuff.  It’s just another word for the Washington Establishment.  They’re all against him and protecting their asses. They ain’t foolin’ anybody.” 
  • “He ought to think a little before he speaks – or tweets – but he’s done more down there than any other president.”
  • “The Congress shouldn’t just be opposing him.  They should try to make it easy for him to do what he’s gotta do.”
  • “I can’t watch MSNBC anymore.  Rush calls it ‘PMSNBC.’  Even Chris Matthews has signed on the Bash Trump Bandwagon.  He used to be an O.K. guy.  Now … forget it!”
  • “Every time I think the New York Times will run out of ways to attack and say bad things about Trump … they prove me wrong.  I mean, I know the Times is important and a big f—cking deal.  But they’re not being fair to this President at all.”
  • “Every one of my friends is for the guy.  Is it possible the People, the ‘normal,’ human people, know more about this than the elite, know-it-alls.  I always say:  Trust the People.  Doesn’t that make sense to you?”
  • “He’s shaking things up … and it’s about time.  It had gone too far with Obama, although he was not a bad guy.  Just not such a dynamic president.”
  • “You got CNN, MSNBC, the mighty New York Times and, I guess, the Washington Post, saying shitty things about the President. They should ask every cop, every soldier, every plumber, every fireman, every electrician … the normal, regular people.  They ‘get it.’  They like him.  The big muckey mucks are missing something.”
  • “The guy is shaking up both the Republicans and the Democrats … and who can blame him. They both stink.”
  • “I can’t really explain it.  I just like the President.  What he said about North Korea is so true.  We’ve been slipping them money and kisses behind the scenes for years.”
  • “What they say about him is really disgusting. I mean, c’mon … gimme a break!  Give him a break!”
  • “It’s a tough job.  You couldn’t pay me to take the job.  But I’ll tell you what:  they ought to just shut the fuck up … and let him do his job.”
  • “I like the Mara family.  But I’m very much with Trump on the NFL.  The Dallas Cowboys guy got it right.  These players are spoiled rotten!”
  • “He’s reaching out to the Democrats. If you recall, Obama had no time for the Republicans.  Proves that Trump is smart.  You’ll see …”
  • “There are too many yahoos in the Republican Party.  Donald is right to chart his own course.  Who needs this sorry bunch of Republicans!”
  • “Look at the markets, the economy.  The “Smart Money” knows. The Trumpster or somebody around him must be doin’ somethin’ right.”
  • “If they are dumb enough to try to impeach or indict this guy … there will be rioting in the streets.  Mark my words!”
  • “They’re wasting my money – and yours – with this Russia crap. Who cares? He didn’t beat Hillary because of Putin!”
  • “And I’ll tell you somethin’ else, Mr. O … the guy Mark Simone on WOR (oops, sometimes I listen to them) calls the Clintons a ‘Criminal Enterprise’ … a very big one … I mean international.  Donald called them to task on that.  Damn straight he did!  And he’s right on.”