Impeachment – A Sad, Tawdry Chapter

A Sad, Tawdry Chapter
A WVOX and WVIP Commentary
by William O’Shaughnessy
January 31, 2020


This Impeachment thrust on the Republic in the winter of 2020 was a partisan and tawdry attack on the President of the United States … and on our nation in its 243rd year.

It was a purely partisan political exercise by a major political party attempting to substitute for the will of our People and overturn the 2016 Election.

This unseemly Political Theatre was produced and conjured up by the likes of Chuck Schumer, Jerry Nadler, a hack from Queens, Debby Wasserman Schultz, Maxine Waters, lethal Kamala Harris, Mazie Hirono, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Iiham Omar, Rashida Tlaib and Adam Schiff with his bulging eyeballs, one of the most hate-filled and nasty public figures in history, who squandered his brilliance and captivating powers of articulation in the service of an attempted Coup to damage a president. 

One must note these stellar partisans sit in seats once occupied by Pat Moynihan, Jacob Javits, John and Robert Kennedy, Ogden Rogers Reid and Thomas “Tip” O’Neill. Where once giants walked the land. Speaking of which: John Roberts, the wonderful Chief Justice of the United States, had to sit up there in his judicial robes presiding over this nonsense for four days.

Our colleagues in the public press are transfixed by the notion of Russian and foreign interference in our elections. But this Impeachment Circus of 2019 spilling into 2020 was a domestic attack from within.

And in the end, although the vast majority of our hard-working, decent citizens view it as Much Ado About Nothing, the President’s lawyer Jay Sekulow was correct when he described the Impeachment exercise as “Dangerous” not only to Mr. Trump, but also to any and every future president.

Day after day, the lawyers quoted the Founders and discussed the notion of a “Balance of Power” which has given us these 243 years … almost until today … thanks only to one wise man:  Senator Lamar Alexander.

One thing the Founders left out of our precious Constitution was a device, a mechanism, to shut down purely partisan attacks driven by venom and jealousy of a president who is unlike any we’ve ever seen.

It’s incredible, but unmistakable, that every charge, every attack against this dynamic and unconventional chief executive is actually undercut by the Democrat accusers’ own words when most of them once held forth in all their wisdom and majesty with an entirely opposite view when it didn’t involve President Trump who they despise because he beat the hell out of the Deep State and the established political mandarins. It is high time to shut down this wasteful, boring, expensive, demeaning and dangerous – exercise in vengeance.

Senator Alexander called the President’s action “Inappropriate” which is a hell of a far piece from “Impeachment.” We’ve long admired Lamar Alexander (who bunked with our neighbor Bill Plunkett and former NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue in law school). Senator Alexander possibly saved the entire Republic from chaos.  But it was a close call.

We are among those who don’t want our imperfect, flamboyant, unconventional, but hard-working, dynamic and effective President removed by a partisan political circus and driven by jealous, venal, hypocritical members of the House of Representatives as well as our colleagues in the Public Press who have abandoned their objectivity to march in lock-step with the disgruntled Democratic Establishment.

They will soon learn they don’t represent the People of our Republic.

Thank you, God.


William O’Shaughnessy