WO re: Jonathan Bush Passing


We are very sad to learn that Jonathan Bush, brother of President George H. W. Bush and uncle of President George W. Bush died earlier this week in Hobe Sound.

He was also the father of our friend William “Billy” Bush and attended many Foundation events at the American Yacht Club and Le Cirque.  He showed up at one of our dinners with the Whiffenpoofs Yale singing group.  Jonathan was also a regular attendee at my book launches.

Mario Cuomo adored the guy and once said “He was the Bush they all wanted to be.”            

Jonathan was also a contributor to our Guardian Fund … and defended Don Imus and others of our tribe when they were subjected to censorship.

I had many phone calls when his son Billy was under attack.  He was not happy with our friends at the network for not standing up for his son and heir.

The attachments show what a lovely and gracious guy he was.

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William O’Shaughnessy
President & Editorial Director